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Our Team

Promotions by J | Eventfull Elements

About Us.

Promotions by J is a Junella Weiss Group affiliate that was born out of necessity and market demand. 

Whether you are a Corporate Company, Independant Entrepreneur, or a Storefront Business, we provide all of the products, resources, and tools you need for your everyday operations. We hope to be your one stop shop for all your business needs. 


Don't just shop online. Contact us. Let us discuss target markets and provide solutions for you. 

Mission Statement

Our Core Values


1.   Demanding exceptional service and quality products
2.   Delivering on our commitments & promises.
3.   Offering reliable, honest and real feedback
4.   Building strong relationships
5.   Leaving people feeling better than they came
6.   Being accountable
7.   Finding the right products and business services that are the best fit for our clients and customers
8.   Supplying monthly reports
9.   Provinding polite, clear, and timely communication
10. Assuring our clients and customers best interest
11. Giving back to our communities
12. Treating everyone with kindness
13. Protecting our clients and customers privacy
14. Doing our job with excellence and integrity


We want to support your charity of choice! When dealing with one of our dedicated team, let them know the charity or organization you support and we will donate back 2% of your order to it.

We also support our family owned and operated charity, ‘Raymond House’. For every order we donate 10%. Raymond House supports childrens hospitals, Scleroderma Foundation of Canada, women’s shelters, animal shelters, feeding the hungry and the homeless.


Junella Weiss


"Boss Lady & Lead Project Manager"

"Personal experience aids us in guiding the paths of others" I have a personal mission to make sure every client and company I meet, is operating in every area the best they can.  Incentives and Promotional Items allow us to stay informed, present in front of our customers and it's vital to help raise team spirit and morale in the workplace. Every program we design is unique to every client and created to the perfect fit for their area of need and expertise. 

James Weiss Elias


"Head of Daily Operations & Fun"

James brings to us a confidence and knowledge of the promotions and marketing industry. His quiet calm nature, ability to listen, and intuitive skills provides our clients with the best fit possible for them. He works hard to keep your projects within the budgets you set out. Excellence is essential to James. You want the job done right the first time - he's your guy. 

Callista Weiss Elias (Calli)


"Creative Manager & Project Thrill Seeker"

Calli's bright and sparkling personality brings a level of peace of mind and happiness to our clients! She will work effortlessly with a smile on her face, while creating the perfect workshop, project, design or strategy for you. Attention to detail is in her blood and she strives for perfection & excellence in every task she takes on. Her sense of humour and joy will bring out the light-heartedness in your personal or professional project. 

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