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Projects & Subscriptions Paks

We are always excited to work with excellent people on projects that fit our goals and vision. 

PromoPaks are a monthly Business Solutions Subscription Box. Let us provide you with current and up to date cutting edge business products that are exclusive to that month and your area of expertise. 


$9.99 S & H

Each month choose 5-8 of our products and get everything you need for your meetings and business planning. 

Every home and office needs some good old organizing and cleaning. Connect with our team to schedule a consult and get your space set up in tip top shape so you are free to entertain guests, clients and just breathe...

$80 for a Consult meeting then 

$42/hour for each professional needed to assist you

Flat rates available for larger projects or special events

First impressions really do matter...

PlannerPaks are a monthly subscription for all your personal and company event planning needs.


$9.99 S & H

Each month choose your templates and 5-8 planner items that will best assist you for what your business requires. 

PartyPaks are a monthly subscription for all your event and party needs. From birthdays to themed to seasonal, PartyPak is your Pal! 

Kids Paks  $24.99

Adult Paks  $49.99

$9.99 S & H

Each month choose your theme and gender for your pak. 

Includes games, templates, ideas, decor and more...

PamperPaks are a monthly subscription for all your beauty, gift and relaxing needs. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy 5-8 products that will give you some zen. Or you can choose to gift it to someone special! 


$9.99 S & H

Choose from our many products that will bring you some relaxation at the end of a busy day. 

PassionPaks are a monthly subscription for all your destress and wellness needs. We have 2 options for you to choose from:

$49.99 one time only or

$44.99 monthly

Choose 8-10 products that are locally sourced and hand picked to fit each seasonal and monthly theme. We select our vendors carefully and choose products that help create an atmosphere of zen, calm and focus for your personal & professional goals. 

PikNikPaks are a monthly subscription that give you everything you need to enjoy those family, couple or business outings. We have 3 options for you to choose from:

1. We fill it for you for $34.99

2. You get all 8 items and a couple surprises for $49.99

3. You customize it and email us for price verification...

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